Barking Mad – the UK’s Most Trusted Dog Sitting Company

Barking Mad was established in 2000 as an alternative to kennels. Our professional dog sitting service arranges holidays for dogs when their owners need to go away, because we believe dogs deserve a holiday too!

Offering an alternative to traditional dog kennels is what we do but at the very core of our business is a desire to give customers complete peace of mind by delivering a professional, tailor made service which meets the individual needs of every dog in our care. We firmly believe in getting to know our customers and their furry family members, with Barking Mad you’ll never be asked to fill out lengthy forms on line or do all the hard work – we take care of everything.

Tips For Dealing With A Begging Dog

Five Tips For Dealing With A Begging Dog

Begin As You Intend To Go On Train your pooch from the primary day that you get them that asking is not permitted, paying little mind to what they may have realized beforehand. Guarantee that they can make the qualification between their dinner times and how they ought to carry on when any other individual…

The Best Place To Put Your Dog’s Bed

Where Is The Best Place To Put Your Dog’s Bed?

Somewhere Enclosed  Dogs won’t unwind unless they feel protected and sufficiently secure in their surroundings to fall asleep, and this implies they have to feel as though they can close their eyes without trepidation of being jumped on by a fanciful assailant! Hence, puppies for the most part enormously favor their beds to be in…


Your Puppy’s First Week In His New Home

Bringing your new puppy home interestingly is energizing for the majority of the family, and it ought to be a real ordeal for your puppy also. Leaving their mom and kid interestingly can be exceptionally unpleasant for the puppy, in any case, and you will need to try to make your puppy feel welcome and…